Legal Compliance

Firearms, ammunition, instructors and the legal basis for our events are provided by our parent organisation the National Rifle Association, under Home Office rules for guest days or police approval of our ranges at Bisley as a site for shooting

All guests, prior to shooting, sign a declaration under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 as outlined below:

Declaration – Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968

I certify that, I am not prohibited from possessing firearms or ammunition under Section 21 of the Firearms Act 1968 as amended ie

• I have not served a term of imprisonment of more than 3 months.
• I have never had an application for a firearm or shot gun certificate refused by the Police, nor had a certificate withdrawn by the Authorities for any reason.


I agree that I have been warned that ear protection must be worn at all times in the vicinity of all firing points while shooting is in progress and shall not hold the organiser responsible for any damage to my hearing as a result from non-compliance therewith.

All Corporate Guest Day attendees are supervised on a one-to-one basis at all times by a trained NRA Instructor with an appropriate NRA RCO supervising the range.

All NRA Instructors and RCOs observe and adhere to the Range Rules and Regulations.

The NRA Club Insurance policy covers guest membership.


Notices & Signs
All guests should take responsibility to be aware of and comply with any instructions or signage at the National Shooting Centre.
“DANGER LIVE FIRE” board lines are not to be crossed under any circumstances.

Bisley Speed Limit

The speed limit is 15mph on camp and drivers should conform to one-way systems. Parking is in designated car parks only and guests must not drive on verges or on the range floor unless authorised to do so.


Spectators are to remain behind the firing point at all times and are to comply strictly with the instructions given by the RCO or any NRA official. Adequate precautions must be taken by spectators to protect their hearing and eyesight.


In view of the potential permanent damage which can be caused to hearing, all persons involved in a shoot, or in close proximity when shooting is taking place, must wear hearing protection and appropriate eye protection.

First Aid

First Aid equipment is available in the Range Office and on range. Trained First Aiders are on duty in the Range Office. All injuries are to be reported immediately to a member of NRA staff who will, if necessary, call an ambulance and enter full details of the occurrence in both the Accident and Incident Books.

Clothing and Equipment

Shooting will be mainly outdoors therefore warm casual clothing is recommended. Light Gore-Tex style jackets are recommended with under layers according to the weather and suitable lightweight walking-type trousers with waterproof over clothing in the event of inclement weather.

All other shooting equipment will be provided.