Corporate Shooting at the NSC

The National Shooting Centre offers the unique opportunity within the UK for guests to enjoy a combination of shooting options.

Firearms, ammunition, instructors and the legal basis for our events are provided by our parent organisation the National Rifle Association, under Home Office rules for guest days or police approval of our ranges at Bisley as a site for shooting.

The 'Rapid Fire' Shooting Experience

Test your skill with the exciting ‘Rapid Fire’ experience shooting Ruger 10/22s and Marlin .357 underlevers at turning and advancing targets!

The 'Shotgun Steel Plates' Shooting Experience

Go for the action-packed shotgun experience, shooting at Steel Plates!
Test your accuracy under a little pressure – enjoy either a fun or competitive steel plate Man v Man challenge shoot off with your colleagues!

The ‘Long Range Scoped Rifle' Shooting Experience

Test your concentration and skill with the ‘Long Range Scoped Rifle’ shooting experience, shooting AR15s at electronic targets at 100 or 200 yards